Welcome to Okhotsk, Hokkaido!

Welcome to Okhotsk, Hokkaido!



 ~The Garden of Moss Pholox Flowers(Shiba-Sakura)  in Takinoue ~

About Okhotsk

  • Okhotsk subprefecture, also more commonly reffered to as "Okhotsk region" or simply
    "Okhotsk", is in the northeastern part of Hokkaido,bordered on the east by the Sea of Okhotsk.
  • It is the second largest region of Hokkaido , covering approximately 10,691km²,
    12.8% of the island.
  • It is home to beautiful, unspoiled nature. Here you can see the breathtaking flower gardens
    of the Abashiri-Shari area and Engaru-Monbetsu area from spring to autumn.
    Also, you can enjoy the magnificient scenery of the Shiretoko National Park and
    the Abashiri Quasi-National Park and experience some adventure there throughout the year.
  • From early February to late March, drift ice reaches the coastline of Okhotsk
    and you can take the icebreaker ship cruises in the frozen sea to see the drift ice up close.

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The region consists of 3 cities, 14 towns, and 1 village, and can be divided into 3 areas.
See below and find out about each of the cities.


Kitami Area

It is the middle part of the region.

The area consists of :


Abashiri-Shari Area

It is the right part of the region.

The area consists of:

  • Abashiri City
  • Bihoro Town
  • Shari Town
  • Kiyosato Town
  • Koshimizu Town
  • Ozora Town


Engaru-Monbetsu Area

It is the left part of the region.

The area consists of

  • Mombestsu City
  • Saroma Town
  • Engaru Town
  • Yubetsu Town
  • Takinoue Town
  • Okoppe Town
  • Nishiokoppe Village
  • Oumu Town



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